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About us

About us


EST. in 1988, Shragay Flags & Symbols LTD is one of the 
biggest enterprises, manufacturing Flags and Banners. 
Flag & Symbol had licensed Shragay’s name and opened its American Branch, named Flag & Symbol LLC, with world Headquarters in Maryland, USA.

We have manufactured over 60 million souvenirs for tourists, and 35 million promotional items. Understanding that our world today is shaped 
by Globalization, Mobile Technology and the Internet … our mission is 
to unlock the power of many mid-size companies.

During times of global sport events, national holidays and parades, our 
rich products decorate the skies and stores of Europe, Asia and The Americas. 

Our sought after products also include: pins, pens, sport flags, medals, lanyards, 
mobile phone cases, dense embroidery patches, button badges, 
Cloisonné products, safe toys, soft PVC products and plating accessories such as 
tie-bars, key chains, cufflinks and inspiring Christmas ornaments. 

Made in the USA, Asia & Israel.
Flag & Symbol uses low-carbon and low polluted processes to create environmentally friendly products, which protect the atmosphere. 

25 years of experience has built our company to a point where our manufacturing procedures revolutionize quality and speedy delivery. We 
provide you with knowledge on long-lasting finesse fabrics, plastic, 
rubber, silicone, metal products & the execution of 3D printing systems. 

We pledge allegiance to every Client, guaranteeing to exceptionally exceed expectations each time. 

Our highly trained team is at your service around the clock, and will 
tailor each product to your message, accelerate production, and deliver
on time in the best price, all to help you predict and prepare for myriad 
possibilities and opportunities! 

Thank you for Choosing Flag & Symbol. 

We’re happy to serve you in Maryland and from anywhere around the Globe.
Your Message, Limitless.